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Instrument Glasses was established in 1962 and has since grown into a major glass processor, supplying a wide range to all industries.

Originally the Company was set up to produce precision ground glass discs for the instrument trade, where extremely narrow tolerances were required.

Since then, we have invested heavily in new state-of-the-art machinery and techniques that enable us to cope with the more complex shapes and other demands of today.

Our experience in glass manufacturing and design is second to none and we pride ourselves on high quality, prompt turnaround and competitive prices in a very demanding market. Our understanding of the marketplace and requiremnets of consumers led us into the production, both bespoke and templated, of glass splashbacks for kitchens and the ever increasing and extremely popular glass splash backs in bathrooms

IG have the capability to manufacture one-off samples and prototypes, and the capacity to produce very large quantities associated with large contracts.

We offer a friendly and free design and advice service to all our customers, allowing them to explore our vast knowledge of the glass industry.

It is not possible for us to show our full range of glass products and techniques simply by catalogue or web site illustration, and we encourage all our prospective and existing customers to visit our works in Enfield, North London, England, in order to fully appreciate the services we can offer.


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